Claudia's '5 a day' Cooking Demonstrations


$20 per session


5 Sessions

About the Course

Health experts tell us a healthy diet includes five serves of vegetables a day. Our Chef—Cláudia Marçal will be leading a series of 5 workshops, each focussing on different ways to incorporate a variety of vegetables into our diet. Claudia is eager to share her knowledge about nutrition as she studies to achieve her Bachelor of Nutrition. The dishes aim to please the whole family…..yes, even the meat eaters in our lives! Nutritious, colourful and inviting is how we would describe her food. Not to be missed!

Session 1: Roasting Vegetables

Session 2: Vegetable Soups

Session 3: Working with Raw Vegetables (pickling, using dressings)

Session 4: Vegetable Risotto

Session 5: Vegetable Dessert: Spicy Sweet Pumpkin poached in syrup

How the course is run


In-person only

Session information

Thursday, 1:30pm - 3:30pm


5 Sessions


18 August 2022, 3:30:00 am


15 September 2022, 5:30:00 am

Other information

Price is per session

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