Video Conferencing - Tools for Work and Study





3 Weeks

About the Course

This course has been developed to address the current needs of people to effectively use online video conferencing applications as workplace and study communication and collaboration tools. It identifies and addresses emerging gaps in employment skills and knowledge due to greater dependency on working and studying remotely.

The course aims to provide an overview of frequently used applications including, but not limited to, Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams, their purpose and features, and a practical guide to their use in a variety of settings. It will support learners to gain skills and confidence to engage and participate in further study, volunteering and employment opportunities.

How the course is run


Blended delivery (online or in-person)

Session information


6pm - 8:30pm for 2 weeks

6pm - 8pm for 1 week


3 Weeks


8 June 2022, 8:00:00 am


21 June 2022, 2:00:00 pm

Other information

Includes course materials

This is a LEAP (Learner Engagement A-frame Program) course, designed to be a gentle introduction to a topic, and encourage further study should you be interested.

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