Leap into Literacy





8 Weeks

About the Course

The focus of this short and focused learner engagement course is to demonstrate how an everyday activity introduces literacy and numeracy skills to learners. This course will use cooking a simple meal as a catalyst for imparting basic literacy and numeracy skills. Engaging learners in recipe reading/interpretation, costing and purchasing ingredients, weighing and measuring, and planning and timing introduces the concept of, and raises awareness of, embedded literacy and numeracy skills in everyday activities. The aim of this course is learning, self-development, and gaining knowledge, skills, and confidence for participation in further education, training and employment. Delivered in a practical setting in our onsite social enterprise café it will demonstrate to learners how these skills can be applied in a workplace environment as well as everyday life.

How the course is run


Blended delivery (online or in-person)

Session information

Wednesday, 10am - 1pm


8 Weeks


20 July 2022, 12:00:00 am


7 September 2022, 3:00:00 am

Other information

Includes course materials

This is a LEAP (Learner Engagement A-frame Program) course, designed to be a gentle introduction to a topic, and encourage further study should you be interested.

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